Khalid Hamdard, the founder of Healthy Socks, had something gnawing at him for a while: all his colleagues wear the same clothes. Because he himself works in the OR, he wears hospital clothes several days a week, so the need for original workwear was growing.

One day he changed after his shift, looked at some blue work clothes and noticed that this outfit could use some more color. The socks are the only garment with which you can distinguish yourself in terms of work outfit. With this in mind, the idea of Healthy Socks was born.

The mission was clear from the start: more color and cheerfulness in health care and thereby creating recognition and acknowledgment for his profession and fellow health care professionals. Whether you are a doctor, employee or cleaner, by wearing Healthy Socks you show that you are proud of the healthcare sector.

In addition to recognition and acknowledgement, by wearing Healthy Socks you can also create more connectedness within the department in which you work. For example, wear the Laryngoscope sock together with your colleagues from anesthesia.

Unfortunately, by selling socks we are not solving one of the biggest problems that the healthcare industry has; the shortage of staff. This problem is widespread and has a great effect on both healthcare staff and patients. Since Khalid himself works in healthcare, he regularly notices the effect that staff shortages can have. The moment he remembers best was when a patient died in his ward because there were not enough staff available that day. So he came up with an idea to develop an app where healthcare professionals could be deployed more efficiently.

Now you may ask yourself; what do socks and an app have to do with each other? From every purchase, 10% of the selling price goes to the development of the app.

At Healthy Socks, the focus has been on brightening and improving the healthcare industry since 2020.