Vaccination sock in the spotlight

We love all of our socks, but one of our favorites is the Vaccination sock! In this short blog you will read 3 reasons why!

#1 The Vaccination sock was one of our first designs.

The first reason why the Vaccination sock is one of our favorites has to do with the age of these socks. In fact, the Vaccination Sock is one of our first models that came rolling out of the products. Even though we are still a young company, this sock belongs to the hard core. 

#2 Recognizable for everyone
Unlike the Laryngoscope Sock and intubation sock, the instrument featured on the Syringe Sock is probably recognizable to many more people. 

#3 Beautiful blue is not ugly, but what is? 
Blue is seen as the color of trust, clear communication and reliability. With blue clothing (socks) you exude poise, efficiency and stability. Also, the color blue seems to contribute to a productive work day. So besides blue being a very beautiful color it also has many advantages. 

Winning winning winning!!!
We are not the most difficult ones, so we are giving away a pair of the Vaccination sock. Want a chance to win? Then send an email to with the following as subject: Vaccination Sock yes! 

Use discount code SPUITSOK5 and receive 5% discount on the Sock. That's it for now. See you at the next blog!