Design your own healthcare sock!

Do you like to design your own healthcare socks? Then you have come to the right place. We offer you the opportunity to design your own pair of socks.

A custom made healthcare sock is good to use as promotional material and is an original gift for the Christmas box.

Healthcare socks as promotion
Will you soon (or in a while) be attending a conference, exhibition or other healthcare related event? And are you still looking for original promotional material? Then Healthy Socks is the ideal solution for you.

Have your own company logo printed on our socks or any other print of your choice. In this way you will be giving your potential client/relation a gift that he or she will really benefit from. Besides, socks are a garment and should be worn.

In addition to printing the socks, we would also be happy to think along with you about a possible personalized packaging. Of course it is also possible to customize the packaging to your wishes and include our socks in this packaging.

Christmas box
An original interpretation of the Christmas package, that is a challenge every year! We like to make it a little easier for you. Get to work with us and design a nice pair of Christmas care socks. Your colleagues will be amazed by this gift! The socks not only look nice, but they are also nice and warm. 

Together you are strong
We are happy to help you design your dream healthcare sock. If you have a great idea for your own healthcare sock, there are only a few steps left before the sock becomes reality. Send us your idea along with any images of the print you would like to see on the sock and we will work with our designer for you. If you and we are both satisfied, it's going to happen: we will produce the sock and within a few weeks it will be delivered to you.

Do you have a great sock plan and would you like to discuss it with us? Send in your question via our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible!