Medical clogs that make you happy

Medical clogs, hospital clogs, nurse clogs, OR clogs, health clogs and so on. These are all names for the clogs that are commonly worn in the healthcare world! We will stick to the term medical clogs for today.

3 Cheerful medical clogs
This blog is all about cheerful medical clogs, from leopard to floral clogs, it really does exist! We have collected our 3 favorites below.

1. The leopard clog
This stylish clog makes you look colorful and happy!

The graphic print of leopard spots is very striking and will appeal to many people.

The senses of the leopard are always on edge. It seems that when wearing these medical clogs you can also see, smell and hear better. (Just kidding, of course)

2. Silver clogs
Shine bright like a diamond with these silver clogs! No print, but still very striking. The clogs are finished with a black trim, which creates a nice contrast with the silver part of the clog.

3. Jungle clogs
Clogs with a jungle print are not often seen, which makes them even more fun! These medical clogs are made of white leather with a print of leaves and tropical parrots. If you like the colors green, this clog is definitely a good choice for you.

The choice is huge
Besides these nice wooden shoes there are of course many more nice wooden shoes for sale! You also have wooden shoes with dots or bright colors. If you are planning to buy new clogs, take a look at Studio Sanita, they have all kinds of cheerful medical clogs in their assortment.

Tattoo Bob tattoos medical clogs
In March 2020 Tattoo Bob from Rotterdam did a cool action with the clogs of the Erasmus MC. They voluntarily painted the clogs of the staff of Erasmus MC because of the Coronavirus.